Electricity Social Club is a private social gathering. Admission is a privilege reserved to our members in good standing. Your membership card is required for admission.


For your security, ESC does not accept credit cards or checks. We appreciate your understanding.


ESC is a assisted parking  venue. That means we will direct you int the parking area and guid you into a parking pattern. Parking is off street away from prying eyes and secured behind a locked gate.

Illegal Substances

The use or possession of illicit substances on club property is strictly prohibited.


The club is BYOB. We keep all alcohol behind the bar, labeled with your membership number.
If Club Staff decline to serve you, it is in your best interest. We want you back in one piece to have fun.

You are allowed to leave the club with whatever you bring provided it is properly sealed and transported appropriately. Or, we’ll be happy to keep it for you until your next visit.

Cameras &  Cell Phones

Cameras and Cell Phones are strictly prohibited inside ESC. If you need to make a call, please step outside.



Dress Code

We do not allow jeans, t-shirts, baseball caps, ripped or torn clothing, cut-off shorts, or sneakers during events, unless explicitly stated. Inside, our dress code is sensuous and sexy. Lingerie, fetish gear, etc are always welcome.  Nudity anywhere in the club is not only allowed, it is encouraged.

We will provide changing areas and ask that you arrive and leave the club discreetly.images-2


Playing well with others is  what we’re all here for. Be thoughtful and  respectful of your fellow members and always ask before touching. If you are going to make or decline a proposition, do so in a respectful and gentle manner. Remember, no means no but be considerate of other people’s feelings.

Sexual contact is allowed anywhere within the Club. Please don’t occupy the rest rooms for prolonged periods of time for obvious reasons.


The majority of the  club is non-smoking, but we have  an indoor smoking lounge (we’re a private club so its allowed) with plenty of ventilation or you may also go outside  if you wish (please dress appropriately).10984986_145110749166996_819741416994701583_n

Safe Sex

Safe sex is encouraged, however  it’s a matter of choice agreeable to all parties involved. Condoms and lube are available or you may bring your own.

Fetish Gear

Bring it! We love members who push the envelope for fun. But, please, for cleanliness and comfort, bring your own whips, restraints, gags or other gear. (And please, no blood-letting, open flames, scat, weapons, or chainsaws.)

Any violation of these rules may result in the immediate termination of membership or expulsion from the club.

….have fun.